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Nova House - Dining RoomNova House is proud of its commitment to offer the best residential care possible. This is is a bold statement upon which we pride ourselves as providing the whole range of care needs, from initial contact and pre-assessment, to taking a more pro-active approach towards the challenges faced by the issues of long term care.

We have dedicated, trained staff who are available 24 hours a day to assist you.

The experience and dedication of the staff team, in addition to the strong emphasis on making the home a ‘homely’ environment, rather than an institutional one, and exacting attention to detail, is what makes Nova House special.

As part of the pre-assessment process, we essentially find out what makes the resident ‘tick’ and target our care package towards their needs. Indeed, we target a daily routine towards the resident, not enforcing a regime upon them. The management firmly believe in promoting each resident’s individuality and equality and act to encourage regular day to day activity from their individual lifestyle choices.